I'm Shane and this is my web portfolio. Born and bred in Australia, I possess an "anything's possible" nature and get excited about the opportunity to work with like minded people.

Currently staying in Deutschland mit meiner deutschen Partnerin and would love the opportunity to gain fulltime employment in the land of Wurst, Brot and Superautos!

Lookin' for some Skills?

For the last 10 years I've been responsible for the management, research, design, development, usability and quality assurance of a wide variety of projects including libraries for accessing 3rd party travel Application Programming Interfaces (API), Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for requesting and receiving data from those APIs, a custom built Learning Management System (LMS) and various Content Management Systems (CMS).

  • 10+ years commercial programming experience including;
    • Extensive experience in developing and connecting to APIs.
    • Systems design, analysis and testing.
    • Frameworks;
      • PHP: Laravel & Codeigniter
      • JS: JQuery
      • CSS: Bootstrap
    • OOP MVC PHP program code to interface with database content using mainly Active Record Classes.
    • Coding to the PHP Standard Recommendation (PSR).
    • CSS and HTML that conforms to W3C coding standards.
    • Outstanding knowledge of XML and JSON request pipelines.
    • Templating websites from images and optimising those images for the web using photoshop.
    • Cross browser and cross platform compatibility testing.
    • AJAX utilising JQuery.
    • Experience with out-of-the-box CMS solutions and module development.
  • Knowledge of Agile Development Methodologies, in particular Scrum and Sprints.
  • SOLID Design Principles.
  • User friendly interface designs that are easy to operate for users who have no programming knowledge.
  • Research, development, implementation of new technologies and technical guidance in regard to the proposed usage of new technologies.
  • Management of time lines and prioritisation of system function requests.
  • Software versioning using Git and SVN repositories.
  • Liaison with stakeholders, managers and developers to ensure desired outcomes.
  • Innovation in providing industry leading software to clients and end users alike.

I have also touched on technologies such as NodeJS, BackboneJS and ViewJS and am looking forward to gaining an opportunity to further my skills within these environments.

What Have I been Getting Up To?

Employed as a programmer at TravelOnline. Responsible for research, development, implementation and management of libraries to access 3rd party travel APIs. Providing both; in-house tools for the Reservations department which allow for searching and booking flights and accommodation, as well as APIs for the front end developers which grant access to each of the libraries.

Gained certification to connect to a number of different platforms;

During my time developing for the above mentioned APIs I gained invaluable experience in identifying and then reporting on bugs found in these systems. I have also built up skills in communicating with other development teams, which were based in a number of different locations including the United Arab Emirates, Asia and Australia. In this position I have learnt the value of building responsive graphical user interfaces to allow for ease of access on any platform. To achieve this I rely heavily on the Bootstrap CSS framework and I am confident in applying this knowledge to any project.

Following is an example of one of the many in-house reservations control panels I developed as a GUI into the APIs. The control panels allowed our reservations staff to search, book and manage holidays. They were all developed with default Bootstrap CSS.


Prior to the work developing for 3rd party travel APIs, I was a freelance start-up responsible for; the planning and development of a custom online Learning Management System, the implementation of small to large scale database driven CMS and the design of business marketing products. The list of clients includes;

  • Amanda Tabberer
  • American Property Investors
  • ALS Tanks
  • Kitchen Factory QLD
  • Boarder Magazine
  • Happy Coconuts
  • The Petit Snail
  • Coco Beach
  • East Coast Lubes
  • Peter Lack
  • G W Racing
  • Super Rooster
  • Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association
  • Krossfire Entertainment
  • DOM Distribution

Before the few years of freelancing work, the Southern Queensland Institute of Technical and Advanced Further Education (TAFE) employed me numerous times for varying jobs. The subjects I delivered while teaching at TAFE;

  • CUFMEM03A: Integrate and use a scripting language (PHP) in authoring a multimedia product. This unit describes the skills required to integrate and use scripting language in authoring a multimedia product within the cultural industries.
  • CUFMEM04A: Test a multimedia product. This unit refers to the ability to develop a strategy for testing and to conduct the test of a multimedia product within the cultural industries.
  • CUFIMA05A: Create 3D digital models and images. This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use digital animation techniques and industry standard software to create 3D animation for a range of media applications within the cultural industries.
  • Creative Media Department staff development in 3D Modelling and Animation.

Previous to the TAFE work I was employed fulltime at Range Media as a jack-of-all-trades. Duties included;

  • Project Manager for a variety of projects which included time lines, resource management, pricing/quotes and client liaison.
  • HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript coding. Component development for CMS. Applications development for Medical and Rural sectors.
  • Image capture, manipulation, design and layout.
  • Staff development and training in CMS, templating websites using CSS and HTML and developing with PHP for dynamic web content.

Following are a few personal links. Websites I've built over time, to pass the time. All show some knowledge of photoshop, especially the textures on the Low Poly models. These sites are now aging and were developed before designing for mobile platforms existed. They still display relatively nicely on desktop, in modern browsers and are works I am proud of;

Outside of work I have always had a keen interest in computer games. During my time in the modding community I managed to do a variety of interesting things which included;

  • redtechnologies (link above). The site was a resource used by people from all around the globe. Map making is something I am still passionate about. Had a good go at spawning zombies in Valve's Hammer Editor and for the last little while I've been enjoying making levels in Nintendo's Mario Maker.
  • Iron Sun Modification. Modification of the Red Faction game engine: New objective based gameplay, arenas for Multi play, training mission for Single play, player skins, weapons and graphical user interface. Developed for the PC platform. 3D Animation, 3D Game Level Design, AI Navigation and Animations, Cinematic Sequences, Table modifying, Graphic Design and Webmaster.

I can quickly adapt to new programming languages. Armed only with self taught knowledge of PHP, I completed Foundation Programming in C with High Distinction and Object Oriented Programming in C++ with Distinction through the University of Southern Queensland. I completed a Diploma of Multimedia in 2001 and I also read a book on ASP back in 2002 :)

How Many Books Have I Read?

2008 - Studied externally, part-time and gained accreditation toward a Bachelor of Information and Technology majoring in Games and Creative Technologies at the University of Southern Queensland. Sadly, 12 months into my study in this course it was discontinued and not offered by the university anymore. Subjects passed;

  • High Distinction: Foundation Programming in C
  • Distinction: Object Oriented Programming in C++

2001 - Successfully completed Diploma of Multimedia at the Southern Queensland Institute of Technical and Advanced Further Education. Subjects included;

  • Design, Planning and Project Management
  • Video, Sound and Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • 2D and 3D Animation

1998 - Successfully completed Cert. III in Computing and Multimedia at the Armidale Institute of Technical and Advanced Further Education. Subjects included;

  • Image Capture and Manipulation
  • Screen Design for Interactivity
  • Business and Presentation Graphics
  • Writing for the World Wide Web
  • Sound and Vision Integration

1995 - Accreditation toward Diploma of Business Management at the Southern Queensland Institute of Technical and Advanced Further Education. Subjects accredited;

  • Group Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Managing Information
  • Managing Effective Working Relationships

What's under the hood?

I think outside of the box. Appreciate old school charm. Get a kick out of strange things. I'm thoughtful, fun and clever. I enjoy a challenge. I like the outdoors and I'm happy to stay in. Love music and live bands. Like good food. I enjoy travelling to new places and love to take photos.

Always learning. Play guitar. Like putting my feet up, the smell of rain and cut grass. Spent my teens digesting nothing but 90's grunge music. Self employed for many years. I'm creative. I like drawing, like watching cartoons and when I get the chance, I like sleeping in. I play Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.

My German skills require improvement, however I'm learning more and more every day from my lovely partner and her family and look forward to undertaking study in this area to better my German communication skills.