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Lookin' for some skills?
For the last 5 years I've been responsible for the;
  • management,
  • research,
  • design,
  • development,
  • usability and
  • quality assurance
of a custom built online educational platform and various content management systems. I possess an 'anything's possible' kind of nature and get excited about the opportunity to be around like minded people.

Here's a list of things;
  • More than 5+ years commercial programming experience.
  • Various programming duties including, but not limited to;
    • Systems design, analysis and testing.
    • Using frameworks; Codeigniter(PHP) and JQuery(javascript/ajax).
    • Write OOP MVC PHP program code to interface with data based content.
    • Conform to CSS/XHTML W3C coding standards.
    • Templating websites from JPG's.
    • Cross browser and cross platform compatibility testing.
    • AJAX utilising JQuery.
    • User friendly interface design.
  • Develop systems that are easy to operate for end-users who have no programming knowledge.
  • Optimise images for the web using photoshop.
  • CPanel and Plesk
  • Windows and Linux/Apache web servers.
  • Research, development and implementation of new technologies.
  • Provide technical guidance and advice in regard to;
    • proposed functionality.
    • use of technologies available.
    • usability, best practice and standards conformance.
  • Team communication to ensure efficient use of the skills base available.
  • Daily management of time lines and prioritisation of system function requests.
  • Change log and documentation for system changes.
  • Consistent software versioning using SVN repository.
  • Liaison with stakeholders, managers and developers to ensure desired outcomes.
  • Innovation in providing industry leading software to clients and end users alike.
I can quickly adapt to most programming languages. I completed Foundation Programming in C with High Distinction and Object Oriented Programming in C++ with Distinction through the University of Southern Queensland. I also read a book on ASP back in 2002. :)

The Southern Queensland Insitute of TAFE has employed me numerous times for varying jobs. The subjects delivered while teaching at TAFE;
  • CUFMEM03A: Integrate and use a scripting language (PHP) in authoring a multimedia product. This unit describes the skills required to integrate and use scripting language in authoring a multimedia product within the cultural industries.
  • CUFMEM04A: Test a multimedia product. This unit refers to the ability to develop a strategy for testing and to conduct the test of a multimedia product within the cultural industries.
  • CUFIMA05A: Create 3D digital models and images. This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use digital animation techniques and industry standard software to create 3D animation for a range of media applications within the cultural industries.
  • Creative Media Department staff development in 3D Modelling and Animation.
Before the TAFE work I was at Range Media as a jack-of-all-trades. Duties included;
  • Project Manager for a variety of projects which included time lines, resource management, pricing/quotes and client liaison.
  • HTML, PHP, MySQL and javascript coding. Component development for Content Management Systems. Applications development for Medical and Rural sectors.
  • Image capture, manipulation, design and layout.
  • Staff development and training in Content Management Systems, templating websites using CSS and HTML and developing with PHP for dynamic web content.
Outside of work there has always been a keen interest in computer games. During my time in the modding community I managed to do a variety of interesting things which included;
  • r e d t e c h n o l o g i e s. The site is a resource used by people from all around the globe. Map making is something I am still passionate about. Been spawning zombies in Valve's Hammer Editor for the last little while.
  • Iron Sun Modification. Modification of the Red Faction game engine: New objective based gameplay, arenas for Multi play, training mission for Single play, player skins, weapons and graphical user interface. Developed for the PC platform. 3D Animation, 3D Game Level Design, AI Navigation and Animations, Cinematic Sequences, Table modifying, Graphic Design and Webmaster.
Read how many books?
2008 Studied externally for Bachelor of Information and Technology majoring in Games and Creative Technologies. Results include;
  • High Distinction: Foundation Programming in C
  • Distinction: Object Oriented Programming in C++
2001 Successfully completed Diploma of Multimedia. Subjects included;
  • Design, planning and project management
  • Video, sound and virtual reality
  • Multimedia authoring
  • 2D and 3D animation
1998 Successfully completed Cert. III in Computing and Multimedia. Subjects included;
  • image capture and manipulation
  • screen design for interactivity
  • business and presentation graphics
  • writing for the World Wide Web
  • sound and vision integration
1995 Accreditation toward Diploma of Business Management. Subjects accredited;
  • group problem solving and decision making
  • managing information
  • managing effective working relationships
But where's the code?
For those of you that way inclined;

PHP Class Structure. I devised this script to dynamically generate meta tag keywords and descriptions based on the content being served to the page (an SQL result object). The file inside the zip is a php file, the extension can be changed to ".txt" if your are having trouble accessing it.

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Word from the sponsors
Roderick Smart - Supervisor
Creative Media.
Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE.
Mobile: 0409 046 056.

George Inggs - Supervisor
Mobile: 0405 379 481

Loic Valmy - Managing Director
Phone: 1300 654 313.

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When pixels get pushed!
A content management system for administering aswell as showcasing my 3D work.
  • All the page content is pulled from a database.
  • Template built in photoshop.
  • 3D modelling done in RED and 3DS Max.
  • Website built on Joomla!
A website promoting the Boarder Wake Boarding Magazine. Built on top of my own custom built CMS. Unfortunately the site is now not representative of the site I developed for them. Hence, no active link.
  • Dynamic content articles and an admin panel for administering them.
  • Fully managed Downloads page.
  • Newsletter registration.
  • Ability to pay for a subscription to the magazine.
Boarder Mag
  • Secure login managed by an authentication class which checks browser, ip and a unique session hash which is generated on every page view. The authentication class handles all user types and redirects or gives access to certain features based on user type.
  • Course management pages. Custom built WYSIWYG editors for all editable content with features including image and document upload aswell as video embedding. Click and drag order-able lists, list filtering and search functions. Clear, easy to understand course administration navigation.
  • User management system encompassing user details, enrollment and results.
  • For students a lot of fun and interesting things to do aswell as learn and complete courses. Global feeds enable users to show emotion and another set of feeds notify users of other users completing course material. Feeds are written in AJAX and appear in real time with no page refresh.
  • A comprehensive course presentation system which marks students immediately once submitting answers to questions unless the question requires a written response. In which case admins for the course are notified and the admin can login and grade written assessment online.
Content managed tutorial database for generating 3D worlds using Volitions RED editor. Attracting visitors from more than 30 countries per month. Website features;
  • Latest News
  • Popular Items
  • Polls
  • Articles database
Google keywords;
"red editor" 1 of about 268,000,000.
"red tech" 1 of about 457,000,000.
"red technologies" 1 of about 120,000,000.
This site is a fully content managed application built using my own CMS. It features the ability to update the following modules via an admin panel;
  • Products with MSDS and Technical Details
  • Contacts and Locations
  • Mobil Racing
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Web Links
A small, static xhtml site show casing my 3D work.
A brochure style site with information about the business which features;
  • Flash banner with video of rotisserie chicken
  • Shop Menu
  • "Apply for Work" and Contact forms
  • Locations page
Super Rooster
Built on my own CMS with options for updating the following components;
  • Driver Profile
  • Sponsors
  • Race Calender
  • Photo Galleries
  • Race Reports and Results
  • Latest News
  • Crew
Peter Lack
Interface Design
More Sites ...
More sites coming soon!
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Appreciate old school charm. Get a kick out of strange things. Enjoy a challenge. I'm thoughtful, fun and clever. I like the outdoors, happy to stay in. Love music and live bands. Own a razor and shaving cream. Like good food. I think outside of the box.

Always learning stuff. Play guitar. Hope to own an SG one day. Like putting my feet up, the smell of rain and cut grass. Spent my teens digesting nothing but 90's grunge music. Self employed for many years. I'm creative. I like drawing, like watching cartoons and when I get the chance, I like sleeping in. I play Nintendo.

Always look for a punch line. Can make Poffertjes. Enjoy being behind the wheel. Love the beach. Eat ice cream cones on any given day.
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